One2One is an opportunity to receive individualized training based on projects or goals. A One2One session is geared toward working through a project in which continued training is needed as a person progresses through the project.

s4ym4For example, creating an iMovie is multifaceted. There are stepping stones of progress, which need to be accomplished before the next step. If too much information is given at a time, the project can be overwhelming. The One2One sessions are targeted to projects like this in which the end-user has ongoing questions and meets unexpected roadblocks.

Other examples of One2One sessions include:

~ creating books with iPhoto
~ creating brochures with Pages
~ creating slideshows of pictures with iPhoto
~ burning iMovie projects to DVD
~ creating posters with Pages
~ creating slides of pictures with iMovie

These training sessions are specifically developed to meet your needs and can range from a minimum of one (1) hour to four (4) hours.

Cost: $50 per hour including driving time to the location.